A company based in O Porriño builds the flattest flooring in the world

Source: La Voz de Galicia


Prosistemas, which works for Ikea and Inditex, beats the record on 8,000 square metres


The O Porriño-based company Prosistemas, has made the flattest flooring in the world. It did it in a logistics and industrial compound in Girona where, using laser-guided machinery, it has beaten the aforementioned world record. The project is an 8,000 square metre elevated slab which has deserved the Golden Trowel Award.  The award is given every year on the occasion of the World of Concrete, the most important concrete fair in the world in this field, which will kick-off on 17 January.


To measure off the Planimetry of flooring, two parameters are considered: the general levelness of the project (the larger the surface, the more technical difficulty) and the lack of unevenness and roughness throughout the floor.
R&D and Innovation is one of the hallmarks of Prosistemas, enabling it to compete with large building and engineering companies from all over the world. Its research is focused on developing abrasion-resistent, non-adherent, luminescent or rotproof floors, characteristics that nowadays are essential to build large logistical or commercial centres that generate internal traffic of goods or high rack storage. “Only in those particularly flat floors can one operate with fittings that rise as high as 20 or even 40 metres high”, says the company in a press release.


The company located in O Porriño has specialised in solving great technical challenges of concrete flooring, ranging from those that must withstand ultra-heavy vehicles of the MoD to hospital floors that do not generate dust and are resistant to chemical agents. Its 15 ongoing projects in Spain include one for Ikea in Zaragoza and another one for Delta Vigo in Nigrán. Its clients include the giant textile and clothing company Inditex.


Prosistemas has a permanent workforce of 50 people, mostly made up of engineers and specialists, and its annual turnover is around 14 million Euros. Eusebio Rey, the company’s Managing Director, has researched concrete pathologies and production techniques for over thirty years. He is often invited to several engineering and architecture faculties to give lectures on his field of expertise.


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