Do the Prosistemas people know what we have achieved? New world record and Golden Trowel in A Laracha

Vigo, 2nd January.- We have broken a new world record for High Planimetry and we are going to the United States to collect another Golden Trowel for the A Laracha technological flooring, the flattest in the world, with a surface area of 125,000 square metres. To remember it, we have made a fantastic video that portrays the entire project: the planning, the more than two thousand quality tests and the coordination and technology used. We are also going to publish a catalogue, send technical newsletters to our public and write press releases with all of the data: how we are advancing 1,700 square metres a day for 90 consecutive days, if all the truck mixers used were lined up would occupy a distance of 300 kilometres, all about the F Numbers, and a long etcetera. We have to be seen as a force in the market and to the competition. For this reason, we are going to take advantage of this news space on the corporate website to stop providing details and address ourselves, to talk about the merit and the success of each and every one of the pieces – yes, you are one of them – that make up Prosistemas.


Instead of using a cutting-edge laser paver or a reflectance gauge as the photography to accompany this internal note, we have decided to opt for this image, which explains the origin of the Prosistemas character. It is our essence. It is the image of the effort of weeks, like explorers in search of the Klondike gold, to find the best sand with the best grain from the best quarry in hundreds of kilometres. It is a symbol of planning and professionalism, but also of the complexity that lies behind our work with concrete, in which a single detail determines everything. If a project kicks off in such a demanding way, what will its implementation be like? At times, we have heard a Prosistemas technician complaining that nothing, or very little, is known outside the company about the complexity of making technological flooring, that people think that a floor is just a floor. In the Marketing Department, which has a lot of imagination, we think that those who went to Cabanillas or A Laracha, those who go to The Netherlands or to any other project, act as secret agents with a double life. Their family and friends are constantly being deceived, believing that the worker is laying a layer of cement (go for it, Eusebio) and it turns out that he/she is working on creating a sophisticated technological paving of unique characteristics and scientific rigour on the planet, that he/she is working with advanced chemistry, with other cutting edge optical equipment, with high precision machinery. Only the Bond, Pepiño Bond, of Prosistemas knows how difficult it is to face Spectra.

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