Golden flooring, the Golden Trowel Awards

The dream of making the flattest flooring in the world

The winning of four Golden Trowel awards in recent years is proof of the position of Prosistemas as a benchmark for High Planimetry in Europe

The Golden Trowel universe

What are the Golden Trowel Awards?

These are the international awards granted to the best High Planimetry flooring. The award is given for general levelling as well as fine finish, without roughness

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What is the World of Concrete?

This is one of the most important global fairs in the concrete sector. It is held at the beginning of each year in Las Vegas, where the Golden Trowel awards are presented.

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Dipstick technology

Dipstick is the cutting-edge tool that enables flooring planimetry to be measured and quantified ( The Dipstick inclinometer measures planimetry using two basic parameters: FF and FL, which represent roughness and levelling.

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Face Companies

One of the oldest engineering companies in the United States, founded in 1867 ( One of its divisions developed a new scientific method to measure High Planimetry in 1988, the ASTM system, also known as number F system.

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The other award winners

In the 2016 edition, the planimetry award winners in other categories came from the United States (Florida, Wisconsin and Massachusetts), Salisbury (Australia) and Minas Gerais (Brazil).

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A Laracha, Golden Trowel World Record 2018