Technical seminar Concrete Flooring, organised by the Associació de Consultors d’Estructures (ACE), Prosistemas and MAPEI

Prosistemas invites participants in the seminar to witness the execution of the flooring in Tavil Indebe.


1st Part: (8:00 - 10:15h) Work in Tavil Indebe
Polígono Industrial Plá de Politger 1, 0 S/N
Parcela Número 01 SAU-4
17.854 - Sant Jaume de Llierca
2nd Part: (10:50 - 11:00h) Les Cols - restaurant
Más Les Cols, Ctra de la Canya s/n
17800 Olot (Girona)
Tel. + 34 972 269209
The Managing Director of Prosistemas, Eusebio Rey Cachafeiro, will make the following presentation ´Constructive aspects of flooring, joints and details´.

Time of the presentation
3rd Part: (12:40 - 13:10h) Construction and quality control.
In case of any queries about the location and programme, please call:
Carlos García +34 674 268 152 ( or click on the following link: Jornada Técnica Pavimentos de Hormigón. (Technical session on concrete flooring)
We look forward to seeing you in Olot on 18 March.
Prosistemas, Productos y Sistemas Aplicados, S.A.
As Gándaras de Budiño s/n 36.475 - San Salvador de Budiño O Porriño – Pontevedra
tel.+ 34  986-203912 Fax: + 34 986-295221 E-mail:

Industrial, commercial and sports flooring and continuous surfacing, cement and polymers based, structural reinforcements, repairs and concrete pathology.
In the illustration, the concrete spreader and compacter guided by a state-of-the-art laser system, and the high capacity mechanical wearing course spreader. (File photo: Guadalajara)


Prosistemas. Technology under your feet.

European leader in industrial, commercial, sports and decorative flooring. Restorer of structures and reinforcements . Consultant for concrete pathologies.





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