Nothing is more levelled

A Galician company is awarded the Oscar of High Planimetry Flooring in the USA

-Golden Trowel® Award 2015 and new flatness and levelling world record-

We have built the most levelled flooring in the world, in its category. With it, we won the Golden Trowel Award in the World of Concrete 2015 USA held between 3d and 6th February in Las Vegas. With this award we have also beaten a new world record. Prosistemas is the first European company to win this award and we are very proud of it because it is the result of our quality applied to the flooring we build, achieved through knowledge and permanent development.
Where are the most levelled floors in the world?
In 2014 we built the flooring of a huge logistics centre of over 170,000m2 for a major Galician textile multinational company in Guadalajara-Madrid. Within this logistics centre a 70.000m2 warehouse was built. It nowadays has the most levelled flooring in the world, in its category..
How have we have achieved it?

To win this Golden Trowel, including the flatness and levelling world record, the development of a specific design for the concrete including a combination of special chemical additives was required. The mechanical equipment used in these floorings included automatic machines. They have played a major role here and included a cutting-edge laser-guided concrete spreader and compactor, and the duster of high-capacity mechanic carpet. But the most important thing is the qualified human team of professionals in continuous on site training.
These floors were audited by the specific control laboratory Eurostick-Madrid, which identified the extraordinary results of the high planimetry which were being achieved and encouraged us to apply for the competition.

A message to business people

The advantages of high standard floors include: possibility to be able to pile up commodities at great heights with higher stability and safety, significant reduction in the cost of servicing forklifts, reducing operating  time of the facility (collection, storage, transport…), reducing  failures in orders due to bumps or poor planimetry, reducing the number of sick leave days, reducing noise pollution in the facilities, reducing energy costs owing directly to a high light reflection and practically maintenance-free jointless flooring.

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