Golden flooring, the Golden Trowel Awards

The golden floor: the dream of making the flattest flooring in the world

The winning of four Golden Trowel awards in recent years is proof of the position of Prosistemas as a benchmark for High Planimetry in Europe

The Golden Trowel universe

What are the Golden Trowel Awards?

These are the international awards granted to the best High Planimetry flooring. The award is given for general levelling as well as fine finish, without roughness.

What is the World of Concrete?

This is one of the most important global fairs in the concrete sector. It is held at the beginning of each year in Las Vegas, where the Golden Trowel awards are presented.

Dipstick technology

Dipstick is the cutting-edge tool that enables flooring planimetry to be measured and quantified ( The Dipstick inclinometer measures planimetry using two basic parameters: FF and FL, which represent roughness and levelling.

Face Companies

One of the oldest engineering companies in the United States, founded in 1867 ( One of its divisions developed a new scientific method to measure High Planimetry in 1988, the ASTM system, also known as number F system.

The other award winners

In the 2016 edition, the planimetry award winners in other categories came from the United States (Florida, Wisconsin and Massachusetts), Salisbury (Australia) and Minas Gerais (Brazil).


Golden Trowel award for the flattest flooring in the world in the over 10,000 square-metre category. The first European company to receive this award, organized by the US engineering firm Face Companies. We competed with an immense logistics flooring surface measuring 60,000 square metres, which makes it difficult to maintain high planimetry in a category with rivals competing with smaller surfaces. The award was received as double: to the quality of the work we can add a new world record, with ASTM FL levelling of 93.7 (and an FF figure of 83.5).


Golden Trowel award for the best High Planimetry flooring in the category of structures on floor slabs, for a surface of 8,000 square metres made for the manufacturer Tavil, European leader in production lines for packaging. This surface on a slab -of extraordinary technical complexity because it needs a concrete sub-base and special attention to deformation of the structure- beats the world record for High Planimetry in its category, with an FL levelling of 91.1 and flatness FF 91.7. Breaking all predictions, this same logistics project in Girona receives a special mention -Silver Golden Trowel - for the main flooring, measuring 33,000 square metres, with High Planimetry results that were only surpassed by a modern large surface built in Brazil.


At this stage, Prosistemas can only exceed itself. In 2018, it built technological flooring in A Laracha (A Coruña, Spain) with an incredible surface area of 125,000 square metres in High Planimetry. On this occasion, our company has undisputedly won the Golden Trowel: breaking two world records in a single project, that of total surface regularity (Ff+Fl) and that of levelness, with a levelness that has never been recorded on a floor spanning more than 45,000 square metres. In addition to the planimetry results, which have gone round the world, the project became a prodigy of large-scale logistics and of the management and planning of raw materials supplies. (Ff+Fland that of horizontality, with a levelness never before recorded for floors of more than 45,000 square metres. In addition to the planimetry results that have gone around the world, the site became a prodigy of large-scale logistics and raw material procurement management and planning.

How does the Golden Trowel benefit Prosistemas clients?

Having won four Golden Trowel Awards in different years – holding various world records for surface evenness – has placed Prosistemas and its own clients in a spiral of demands and quality. This recognition obtained in the United States is sufficient stimulus for our company to continue allocating part of its budget to maintain expenditure on R&D&I, with which it has made so much progress in the development of cementitious compounds, the application of additives and finishes so that the product sets optimally, avoiding pathologies or deformations or ensuring that the specific properties of a flooring are fulfilled, ranging from resistance to abrasion to luminescence or slipperiness. There is a great deal of scientific work under our clients’ feet.

The popularity gained by these awards has also led major clients to become increasingly demanding with High Planimetry levels. It is now known that vertical storage reduces logistical costs and therefore, floors need to have planimetry levels that were unheard of some years ago. To increase the efficiency of vehicles inside a factory or a large logistics complex, they are more sensitive to floor deformations or unevenness, and this characteristic multiplies when operating with stands that rise up ten or twenty metres from the floor. The flatter the flooring, the less wear on machinery and the people using it.

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