Prosistemas genera tanto valor científico para la industria real como para los futuros ingenieros y arquitectos

Prosistemas is a European leader in knowledge on concrete, one of the few cases in which a leading company in the application of an industrial product –in the everyday reality of the economy - is also a cutting edge agent in Research and Innovation. Our company is known in the industry for its advanced continuous flooring used in areas as diverse as the logistical, commercial, sports or industrial sectors. In the academic sphere we are known for the manuals we publish and the scientific lectures about concrete and its pathologies given by our technicians to future Spanish engineers and architects. protagonista en la redacción del 

Prosistemas has played a leading role in the publication of the first Industrial Flooring Manual made in Spain and has given courses in particularly important academic institutions including the Polytechnic University of Madrid. But Prosistemas also enjoys international prestige for its own technological production, in the field of specialised flooring machinery as well as in the study of new cementious or polymeric materials and the use of modern laser planimetry techniques to build immense commercial or logistical areas –some covering more than 200,000 square metres- with levels of flatness and horizontality that have been globally acknowledged and awarded by the sector.

One challenge after another

Prosistemas has built one of the largest continuous flooring surfaces in Europe, an immense space of 230,000 square metres for the Inditex group. To put it into perspective: two hundred Olympic swimming pools would fit inside it. In 2012 we also built the special flooring for the largest garment hanging silo in the world for the same company, occupying 17,300 square metres. We have also built several floorings of around 100,000 square metres with high levelling and special resistance to abrasion for Ikea.

To be the best in Europe, we have to learn from the best in the world

We are pioneers in bringing over from the United States the latest techniques for joining steel and cement, concrete. Nowhere in the world has so much research been carried out on concrete and its application for continuous flooring, for industry, civil engineering or for decorative purposes. Prosistemas technicians have learnt and continue learning ‘in situ’ the latest innovations on the sector from the USA. They are then applied in Europe and in some cases improved and adapted to the needs of the Old Continent.